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Slough Quality Protects

What is Slough Quality Protects?

The Slough Quality Protects programme has been developed by the Voluntary Sector to help organisations demonstrate the quality of their work in a coherent and consistent way. It is designed to help local community and voluntary organisations to think about and clarify their principles and values and to be able to show this in their day to day operations. The award is targeted at organisations who have decided that they want to demonstrate the high standard of their work and to prepare for a formal national quality standard.



In 2009 the Slough Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum developed a Quality Assurance Programme for groups working with children and young people. The programme was well received within this sector and has been used well by those groups. Slough Council for Voluntary Services has further developed this programme to build upon and extend it for the wider Voluntary Sector within the Borough.


How does the scheme work?

It may be considered to be a journey; organisations move from bronze to platinum in stages as follows:

The aim is to provide a progressive programme to work through that evidences the quality of their work to users, staff, volunteeers, funders, sponsors, statutory organisations and influencial bodies. Working through this process encourages the management committee to clarify principles and values and link them with day to day operations ensuring continuous improvement. Indirectly it provides a useful checklist of basic requirements that will assist new organisations to get into good habits.

There are four levels of award:

BRONZE – the foundation level that emphasises the development of basic policies and administration procedures, encouraging the management committee to think about planning, review and communication with users.

SILVER – at this stage planning will be a more significant part of the organisation along with networking and a more formal process for staff and volunteers

GOLD – with robust policies and procedures, the organisation will fully involve users in its decision making, have established networks and good partnership working as well as a full strategic plan.

PLATINUM – a platinum level would be awarded to groups who had achieved a national accreditation.


Benefits of achieving the SQP Award

Achieving the SQP award will demonstrate to clients, funders, partners agencies and regulating bodies that your organisation:

- Has thoughtful and involved leadership with policies which actively guide the organisation

- Provide high quality services that they are determined to continually improve

- Are planning and developing in a structured way

- Do not work alone and seek support from professional and experienced organisations

- Have a constant dialogue with volunteers and users, developing services in response to need

- Have a basic knowledge of, and apply, good management practice


Once groups achieve the Award they will be given a logo to use and the award will be valid for a two year period. Groups will need to go through a reassessment process at the end of this two year period.


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